Sunday, November 14, 2010

12th losing season

As summer finally ends (and thank goodness because it was the hottest summer on record here in Baltimore), we also said goodbye to another baseball season, and unfortunately the 12th losing season in a row for the Orioles (we got it next year!). Even though we had to watch another bad season by the Orioles, we went to one of our last games in style when we got tickets to sit in the Governor's box right behind home plate. Here are some of the highlights of our day.

Outside of the skybox

The tickets that got us to club level

In the sky box, with beautiful Camden Yards behind us.

Our view of the game

Another shot

Tyler enjoying some of the grub that they fed us.

And it must have been fate for us to sit there because right outside the door was the jersey of the greatest third baseman to ever play the game!