Saturday, March 3, 2012

Let the remodel begin

Well, we have been in our home now for almost five years. For those who do not know, we bought a Baltimore City rowhome as our first home. The house was totally renovated (well we thought), so the belief was that not a lot of work would need to be done. While this statement is somewhat true, there are a lot of "issues" we have had to deal with over the past few years. What was nice was that the entire house was white, so a blank canvas for us to make our own. Not so nice... the contractors clearly cut corners to save money leaving us with some major headaches. We have fixed roof issues, air conditioner issues and crawl space issues over the years, and now we are dealing with doors, windows and a shoddy deck, along with some damage from the prior problems.

After tireless research and recommendations, we found a company that we are very excited to work with. The contracts are signed, and the work is set to begin in just a few weeks. This weekend we get to pick out our new tile for the backsplash in our kitchen. I never knew that this was going to be so difficult!! We have until Tuesday, fingers crossed we choose something we love!

Our kitchen "before". 

We love the cabinets and countertops that the renovators put in, and stainless steel appliances, just needs some more color. And the paint on the wall is just contractors grade paint, so if anything splashes on it, you can't clean it off.

So here is our kitchen table covered in tile samples to choose from. Different colors, textures and sizes... had no idea it took this much to choose a kitchen backsplash! Hopefully we can choose by Tuesday!