Monday, May 24, 2010

The Martins go to Washington

With some new responsibilities at work, I will be driving into Washington, DC on occasion. As someone who usually takes public transportation from Baltimore to DC, I am not a good navigator of our nation's capital yet, but decided to use this past weekend to try and learn the streets a little better in DC. So I grabbed Tyler and we headed south for what was an interesting adventure to say the least. We got a little lost, but eventually found what we were looking for, parked the car and spent the afternoon touring DC.

Tyler in front of the Capitol building. We went inside to tour the new Capitol Visitor's Center as well, but no pictures are allowed inside.

Our walk down the mall from the Capitol to the Washington Monument.

We also went to the World War II Memorial, which these pictures do not do justice to. Here is the Pacific side of the monument.

And the Atlantic side.

And the view to the Washington Monument from the WWII memorial.

And then the skies started getting dark, so we could not walk down to the Lincoln Memorial, but could see it very well from the WWII memorial.

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