Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

This year for the Memorial Day weekend, we did many things that most Americans do, went to cookouts, watched sports, enjoyed a three day weekend from work. But we also spent the actual holiday taking a trip to the Fort McHenry National Monument in Baltimore. It was definitely a reflective trip to remember those that came before us that fought to make all the things that we love possible.

If you have never been before, we highly recommend that if you are ever in Baltimore take a visit to Fort McHenry. We were not able to go inside because dogs aren't allowed in the historic parts of the fort, but we were able to walk the entire perimeter. Here are some of our pictures:

The fort when we first walked in

A statue of the Greek God Orpheus. We learned that this statue was placed on the grounds of Fort McHenry to mark the centennial of the writing of the Star Spangled Banner (Fort McHenry is the home of our National Anthem). Orpheus is the Greek mythological hero of music and poetry so the statue was dedicated to Francis Scott Key, the writer of the Star Spangled Banner.

Looking out from the Fort, down the Chesapeake Bay.

This was the other side of the Chesapeake. And way in the background we could see the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore County.

This is a picture from the water looking back at the Fort. The canons that protected Baltimore during the War of 1812 are still in the same places that they were then.

A picture of us with the Fort in the background.

The east side of the Fort.

And while we went to Fort McHenry to celebrate Memorial Day, we also enjoyed our holiday grilling...

and sleeping in!

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