Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Martin Family Trip to Costco

 Whenever entering one of those big box stores, did you ever notice that you have to either walk by or through the electronics section? Well, when you have a husband who LOVES electronics, this walk can be a very long and painful one. Tyler and I have been together now for about seven years, and everytime we go to one of these stores, he is very good, and looks but has never bought. In a recent trip however, after that long wait, I told Tyler to pick out what he wanted and we would buy it and voila the results are below.

I have to admit that after watching TV on a 25" tube television, the 42" flat screen is pretty awesome. I know nothing else beyond that on televisions, I just know my favorite shows look and sound amazing. I know however that Tyler is looking forward to football season even more now because of this purchase.

And while Tyler got a TV, I had to buy myself something as well, and this beauty now hangs in my backyard:

Compliments to the lady at Costco that pointed out that there was quite a difference in what husband and wife "picked up" while shopping... wasn't sure if Ty noticed!

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