Sunday, October 16, 2011

Swim with the doggies

So I decided to join a gym, and this post isn't about that, but the awesome fundraiser that they have each year. To raise money for the local animal shelter, the gym opens up their outdoor pool to the dogs of the neighborhood. And thankfully this happens after the pool is closed to the humans, there was a layer of dog hair and slobber on top of the water as we left that afternoon.

We got to the pool and tried to get the dogs to chase a tennis ball into the water, but they weren't having it, so Tyler jumped in hoping they would follow him. Still not all about that, so I decided to hand them off to Ty and see what happened.

Oliver trying to figure out how to get out!

He just went right to the wall but couldn't figure out the steps

The drowned rat

And enough tormenting of Oliver, it was Jack's turn

Now Jack has been swimming before, but he was so freaked out he starting swimming sideways.

So we got him to the steps and the wall where he hung on

I wish sometimes our dogs could talk... I feel like they would have told us what they really think of us after this!

The drowned rat look again

Not having a very good hair day

Jack doesn't look so sad when he gets out of the water

And if once wasn't enough, we decided to throw them back in for one last swim!

 Oliver's last swim... I think he had enough, but Tyler was having a great time

A big thanks to the Merritt Athletic Club for hosting this wonderful event. We had a wonderful time (don't know if I can  say that for the dogs) and the money certainly helped a wonderful animal shelter in the city.

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