Monday, October 31, 2011

Thanks for the Memories

This morning while watching the news at the gym, I heard that there was a traffic issue on a highway in Baltimore because of a fire. It sounded like they said at the Mt. Washington Tavern, but then I thought to myself, maybe I misunderstood and there was just a fire in the neighborhood with the same name. A few minutes later, they started the broadcast with the lead story, and in fact, there was a fire at the Mt. Washington Tavern. I couldn't believe it. I think about all of the wonderful memories that Tyler and I have had there, and can't believe that it is gone.

The old wooding building was beautiful and nostalgic. It looked like an old tavern, and you could easily get to know the staff and the other patrons there because if you go once, you have to go back.

Tyler and I actually had our first date there, spent many nights hanging out at the Tavern as it was right down the street from Tyler's apartment when we were dating, had our rehearsal dinner there before our wedding, took my mom there last year for Mother's Day and just had a date night there a few weeks ago.

Can't believe that this wonderful place has gone from this...

to this in just a few short hours.

And these pictures are from exactly three years and one day ago. Celebrating with our closest family and friends, just two days before we were going to get married.

We want to thank the Mt. Washington Tavern for so many great memories that we will cherish forever. We hope that they will be able to rebuild, and we can make some more memories here with our family and friends in the future.

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  1. I recognize that hand in the third pic :)
    Happy Anniversary...XXOO