Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Greatest Baseball Player Ever

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity through work to go to the dedication of a new statue in Baltimore for Brooks Robinson. Even though he retired from baseball before I was even born, he is still my favorite baseball player of all time. I have had the chance to meet him a few times too, and he is just such an amazing guy. So after the event, I wanted to go back and see the statue up close, so on a beautiful Baltimore afternoon, Tyler and I took a walk to Camden Yards to see the statue.

The walk through Pigtown to the statue

At the new Brooks Robinson plaza right outside of the stadium.

And there it is. Most appropriately with a gold glove.

Some Brooks Robinson history, and also the explanation behind the gold glove on the statue... for Brooks's 16 gold gloves during his career!

Me and Brooks!

After checking out the statue, we walked over to the Sports Legends Museum, which has tons of sports memorabilia for Maryland sports.

The Oriole Bird from the float that brought the Orioles to town.

A replica cover from Sports Illustrated with the two Baltimore Robinsons, Brooks and Frank.

Some Cal Ripken history. The banner that hung on the warehouse outside of Oriole Park (where we had our wedding reception) marking Cal Ripken's record breaking 2131 game.

Our two favorite mascots from Baltimore, the Oriole Bird and Poe from the Ravens!

Some Baltimore football history. Johnny Unitas, the best quarterback in NFL history

Tyler got to test his skills as a goalie in the lacrosse exhibit.

And I got to be apart of the Preakness exhibit.

And we got to rub Testudo's nose on the way out. Good luck for the players of University of Maryland athletics.

And the day wasn't over without a stop at Pickles Pub for a beer and some Old Bay fries!

A great Baltimore sports day, and we recommend that everyone check out the museum when you are in the city!

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