Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Baltimore Marathon

While I wish I had the ability to run an entire marathon, I still wanted to be part of the fun that is called the Baltimore Running Festival, so I put together a team of four to run in the marathon relay. We still run the entire marathon route, but split it into four parts, one for each runner! I had an unbelievable time out there. From the bands playing along the course to the crowd cheering the runners on. I cannot wait until next year's running festival, and thinking about maybe running the half-marathon. Fingers crossed that the knees hold out! If not that, then definitely the relay again, with Tyler joining in as well!

Here are a few shots from that day. Not too many, but I was busy running!

 Our team time below. I ran the third leg, and after those hills, and with 2 bad knees, I was stoked to pass the baton off to the fourth leg of our team!

And the team! My closest friend Sophia is on the right, and then two of her co-workers in between. They are all transplant nurses, hence the name of the team! A great day shared with these ladies!

And a big congrats to all of the runners! Especially our close friend Matt who ran the ENTIRE marathon in just about five hours! He helped to raise money for a family member who has been battling cancer. It was so inspiring to hear his stories about training and then running the marathon. And it's a tough marathon with a lot of hills, so congrats are definitely in order!

Tyler and I will hit the streets of Baltimore again soon to run in the Kids Peace 5k at the end of October. The proceeds of that race will go to kids who are in foster care. Check back soon for updates!

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    You should definitely do the 1/2 marathon next year! I'm your biggest fan! (Well, besides Tyler!)