Monday, October 1, 2012

Bird is the Word!


I have been waiting for 15 years to say that again!

Let's recap for a second here... at the beginning of the 2012 baseball season, the pundits thought that the Orioles had no chance... again. Some claiming that the Orioles would be faced with a possible 100 loss season. Well guess what... as I write now, the Orioles have clinched a playoff berth, and are still tied for first in the AL East. This city is so excited, from selling out games at the end of September, to painting the town Orange with pride. Tyler and I shared in the excitement this past weekend by attending the last two home regular season games. And now we'll have to watch the Orange and Black play out the season in Tampa to find out the next stop on the road. We have our tickets for the ALDS already, so fingers crossed we will be at Camden Yards again this October!

Just for fun... I gathered all of my Camden Yards photos from this past season to put together a recap of the year. I realized I didn't take a picture at every game, but it is still a fun little montage. Enjoy! And hope we will have another post up in a few weeks showcasing another trip to the Yard! 


Opening Day 2012. 
April 6th. Orioles vs. Minnesota Twins
Orioles Win 4-2 

May 25th Orioles vs. Kansas City Royals
Orioles Win 8-2 

June 26th Orioles vs. Los Angeles Angels
Orioles Lose 3-7

July 25th Orioles vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Orioles Lose 1-10

August 14th Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox
Orioles Win 7-1 

September 7th Orioles vs. New York Yankees
Orioles Lose 5-8

September 11th Orioles vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Orioles Win 9-2

September 29th Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox
Orioles Win 4-3

September 30th Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox
Orioles Win 6-3

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