Friday, September 28, 2012

The Baltimore Centennial Homes

In what I kind of think is the circle of life, people buy a home, raise their families there, and then when their kids are grown the kids move out and start the process over again. It is rare to find a home that is passed on from generation to generation. The Baltimore Heritage Foundation however, started a program to try and find families in Baltimore that have lived in the same home for 100 years or more. Cool enough as it is, but even cooler is we knew someone who lived in a Centennial Home!

Barbara is a woman that used to work with me, she has since retired. She is an amazing lady who is very active in the Baltimore community and we could not be more lucky to have met her. She shared our wedding day with us, I have driven her down to the beach, shared a few beers with her and this past Christmas we took her to the Irish Tenors when they were here in Baltimore.

But I digress. I had heard through work that Barbara's home was going to be dedicated this fall, and I made sure that we would be able to be there to share the day. There was a block party on her street in Canton (neighborhood of Baltimore), and many there to help celebrate. Above is the plaque that has been affixed to the front of her house.

Barbara's grandparents bought the house in 1912 when it was first built, her mother remained there when she was married and raised her kids there, and then Barbara has been there ever since! It was such a neat thing to share with the family, and I think it would be very difficult to find people who would be able to say the same thing about their homes! We did learn though, that there are seven other homes in Baltimore that are Centennial Homes! Kind of cool when we think about how when we bought our house, our plan was to only be there for a short period of time!

Thank you to Barbara for letting us share this day with her!

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