Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Tunnel Run

Well, we did it!! We completed a 5k through Baltimore's Ft. McHenry Tunnel this past weekend. I have no idea how we heard about it, but when we did we decided it would be a lot of fun. I don't have a bucket list, but if I did I would have put this on it. Especially considering how much I drive through the tunnel.

This 5k would be Tyler's first, and my second. I shaved three minutes off of my previous 5k, so I claimed a personal victory on Sunday. It was a blast, and helped to raise money for Maryland Special Olympics which is a great cause!

 Now, I have to say, the tunnel was not as dirty as I would have expected but it was a little stuffy in there. When we exited the tunnel (oh I should say that it was one tube of the northbound tunnel and you ran south and then came back north to the finish) you could really feel the fresh air. It was weird. 

I highly recommend this to anyone in the Baltimore area next year! Now, we are looking for our next 5k to run. Tyler is on the wait list for the 5k that takes place for the Baltimore Running Festival in the middle of October, and I am already in the marathon relay (four legs between 5-7 miles for each one). But I am thinking I need another race before then... we will see what happens!

Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun


  1. CONGRATS!! We are doing the 1/2 in Baltimore next month, so we'll see you there!

    1. Thanks! We are so excited for the Baltimore Running Festival. We went as spectators last year, so can't wait to actually participate this year. And I am hoping to do the half next year!