Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday Date Night in the City

Friday nights are usually not a night when we really do anything. Tired from the busy week and tired thinking about our busy weekend ahead. So this was a typical Friday, but we wanted to get out of the house and enjoy the last few days of warm weather. So... we went to a food truck rally in a park in the city.

Food trucks are big in other cities, like NYC, and are just starting to gather steam here in Baltimore. Thanks to some legislation to help them out, we are seeing more and more trucks and events to get people interested in them. Last night we went to a food truck rally in Swann Park in South Baltimore City. The proceeds from the event were going to the MD SPCA, so even more reason to stop by!

This rally had five food trucks, one dessert food truck, and local MD brewery Heavy Seas serving up beer and wine. There was a live band, lots of puppies to play with, beautiful weather and beautiful views of the city and the water. It was perfect!

We got there early and scoped out the trucks to make our decision, Tyler went for Koopers Chowhound and got a cheeseburger and garlic and truffle oil french fries, I decided to grab a grilled cheese from the Grr Che truck. It was on sourdough bread, so I had to!

Our grub! It was fun to eat delicious food out of paper bags and drink great beer out of a plastic cup. Something romantic about sitting on a park bench for dinner, watching the sunset and listening to music

Our view of the city. Under the highway is downtown Baltimore. Behind us was the water and an old train bridge. Couldn't get that picture because the sun was setting that way so it just looked like a big shadow. It was beautiful though, trust me!

The perfect Baltimore date night! Thanks to the SPCA for putting this on, hopefully you raised lots of money for the animals that are still looking for homes! And anyone in Baltimore, make sure to check out the food trucks if you see one. Better than even going to a restaurant! Have a great weekend!

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