Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Chefs Martin

Well I feel like I had to claim this personal victory for myself and Tyler. Now, we enjoy cooking, but don't really cook anything fancy. And if it is something fancy, it doesn't happen that often. And typically on a weeknight it's something quick for dinner before we are running off to lacrosse games, or doing school work or whatever.

Last night however, we must have summoned Julia Childs as we made a souffle as a side dish to our filet mignons. That's right our little inner chefs came out last night to make this beauty:

So let's see... two pans, three bowls, a baking dish and countless utensils later, we have this beautifully puffy souffle. High fives all around! We had watched Alton Brown on the Cooking Network one night talk about the difficulty in making a souffle so we were a little nervous. Didn't want to waste all those eggs. He said that a successful souffle is one that rises. But it only stays risen after baking for 5-10 minutes. Deflation as soon as we cut into it.

This was a broccoli and parmesan souffle, so a perfect compliment to our steak dinner. And even though it doesn't sound like it, this was calorie friendly as well (approximately 120 calories per serving).

Cooking miracles apparently do happen! Definitely going to try a souffle again in the future... maybe next time chocolate though!

Thanks to my co-worker Bart for giving us this baking dish since we didn't have anything that would work for our experiment! 

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  1. Fantastic. Great job. Aims is taking a very intense cooking class that cover A-Z. She is enjoying it and learning lessons that Chef Jacque tried to teach.