Thursday, September 13, 2012

O Baltimore!

Around this time each year (well since I have been blogging), I have written a post talking about how Tyler and I am enjoying the nice fall weather by taking in an O's game, and the O's are having a horrible season, but it's ok because we love watching them... blah blah blah

And each year I talk about how everyone in town is so excited for the start of Ravens football season so that we can watch a stellar home town team. Well... this year we sure are excited about the Ravens, but the Orioles are giving Baltimorians a reason to cheer again. (Twelve losing seasons, it's about time!)

The excitement in and around our neighborhood in particular has been palpable. Orioles fans took over all weekend, followed by Ravens fans on Monday night, and the O's fans are back now! We made sure to take in a few O's games, when we win the lottery we will be season ticket holders. When we weren't catching a game, we were hanging out at Ravens tailgates, and walking amongst the crowd enjoying the excitement. Now this is why we moved to the city! A party every night!

 Friday night's view when the O's took on the Yanks. The O's ended up losing, but we still split the series with them, so as the Yanks left town, we were one game out of first in the division, and still held a wild card spot. Also, it was an extra added bonus that for the first time in years we could go to the Yard and there were more O's fans than Yankees fans.

 Then on Monday night, the Ravens were back!! It was the season opener for the boys in purple, and while I didn't go to the game, I got to go and tailgate! I just can't do the night games. My bed was calling my name.

I have to say, this is the best tailgate I have ever been to. Beers on tap, more food than you can imagine, a DJ, and just great people to party with!

We also celebrated Art Modell who passed away last week. Art brought NFL football back to Baltimore after 13 years without it. This town loves this man. 

And to complete our Baltimore Pro Sports week, we decided we wanted to go to an O's game this week. We decided on Tuesday night (throwback prices, price of tickets were what they were when Camden Yards opened 20 years ago, so $8 for a pretty good seat). It was a beautiful day on Sunday, so we took the dogs for a walk to the stadium to buy our tickets, and then walked to Pickles for a beer before heading home. The boys loved making new friends and hanging out!

And the view from our seats for Tuesday night's game! And the O's won, putting them back in a tie with the Yanks for first place! The yard was electric, and has not been that way for years! So exciting!

We couldn't be more excited to be in Baltimore right now. As huge sports fans this is what we have been waiting for. Stay on the edge of your seats this October! It's the year of the Bird!


  1. What a great post! Baltimore is such a great place to be right now. Two good teams in the same season means a toss up between Purple Fridays and Orange Fridays! haha. I love all the loyal fans!!

    1. It has been so much fun!! We finally are living the reason we moved to this city! Oh and I am doing Orange Thursdays and Purple Fridays! Everyone needs the love!!