Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy birthday Tyler!

This is super late... but better late than never right?!

This year for Ty's birthday I wanted to do something different and super fun. We usually go out to dinner, I get him some Husky and Under Armour gear, we eat some birthday cake and call it a day. While there is nothing wrong with tradition, I am a big routine kinda person, I wanted to do something different this year. So a surprise party it was!

So with the help of my mom and some friends... a 35th birthday surprise was planned! I picked one of Tyler's favorite places in South Baltimore City, decided on a menu, sent out some very Tyler appropriate invites and let the rest just take it's course.

It was the perfect night with friends and family, a night that we will definitely never forget! Some photos from the party are below. Thank you as always to my fabulous friend Leah for the photos! She's the best if anyone ever needs a photographer for anything... checkout her page here.


The birthday boy headed up the stairs to find there's a party going on!

Time for some cake!

And one of the only pictures of the night of us. We were busy mingling with friends... they came from near and far to share this day with us!

 And Ty opening up some presents! What a great night!

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  1. Wish we could've been there!!! Looks like it was a blast!!