Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to work, back to work... well one of us

Ok so, I get up this morning, go to the gym and as I am heading home I give Tyler a call to say good morning because he usually isn't awake when I am on my way out, and he is always already at work by the time I get back from the gym. So he answers my call and says he is getting ready to come home from work. I immediately, being a worrier, think something is wrong. But no, there was a water main break by the school he teaches at, and no water at the school. No water means the kids have to be sent home and so do teachers. Well I was on the bitter bus as I had to come back to work today after a fantastic 10 day stay-cation. And I knew that Tyler would be watching movies and hanging out with the dogs and taking a nap. Although he did tell me he would vacuum, so that's good!

Instead I will be looking at this all day:

But I guess there could be worse things. And only 38 emails after a 10 day break from work really is nothing!

Oh and they gave me this window to look out of, so at least I can day dream between answering phone calls, letters and emails!

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