Monday, January 30, 2012

O Baltimore... how I love thee

My typical posts are about what we did over the weekend or family happenings, this above snippet from a recent issue of GQ magazine was a must share so that people can truly understand, well I guess, ME.

The article was titled "75 things we can all agree upon" and this one I surely couldn't dispute. I think people have always questioned my love for the city of Baltimore. This was especially true when I headed north to Boston for college (another great city in and of itself). At the time, the HBO show The Wire was extremely popular, and the questions would pour in. "Is that where you live?" "Is it really like that?" Etc Etc.

To the nay sayers, yes Baltimore has its rough spots. Maybe more than other cities. And yes, there are neighborhoods in the city of Baltimore that are exactly like The Wire. I mean they got it pretty right with Baltimore newspaper writers creating the show, and even former Baltimore police commissioners as actors in the show. There is also a strong movement out of the city into the suburbs. This occuring as we were moving into the city. The corruption is there, the crime is there, the "problems" are there, but the pride is there as well.

It's an extremely smart city, we do have Johns Hopkins, one of the largest employers in the state. One of the WORLDS leading medical institutions and universities. It's a beautiful city... See Below

It's a prideful city. I, along with most people I know, are proud to proclaim that city that we come from. And we have our sports teams. The O's have seen better days, but people still sport the Orange and Black and head to Camden Yards for a game and an Eskay Frank. And the Ravens... now, I was in New England for four years, during those four years, the Red Sox broke the curse of the Bambino and the Patriots won two Super Bowls. Taking nothing away from a great sports town, I never saw the excitement that I saw when the Baltimore Ravens made the playoffs. The whole town was behind the team, from lighting buildings in all purple, to painting the roads and lawns with Ravens logos, and finally celebrating pre-games for days!

So, I am sure that whatever you have heard about Baltimore is true, and a true Baltimorean is proud of it. We are proud of our accent, our roughness and even our brash attitudes.  People come and go from this city all the time, and the ones that have remained for years and generations, will continue to grow their families here and take pride in "their" city. Outsiders may never understand, but we love it!

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