Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happiest of birthdays Jessica!

Wow! My "baby" sister just turned 24 yesterday. I cannot believe it! I still think of her as a first grader, but in reality she has grown into a beautiful twenty-something who is ready to take on the world. So smart and beautiful, and still just as stubborn as the day she was born! I am so glad that she is my sister, and I am excited to share so many more memories with her!

Last night we had such a great time celebrating at her favorite Italian restaurant, Chiapperellis, in Baltimore.  The food was so good, and we sent Jessica home with all of our leftover salad. Oh, this place has the most delicious salad EVER! And you get a huge plate of it with every entree. So, Jess gets to have all the extras, I mean it is her birthday and all!

Well Jess, welcome to your mid-twenties. Enjoy every moment, because just as everyone says, it sure does fly by!

Me and the birthday girl about 20+ years ago! Sisters and friends always!

On my wedding day. So glad that my sister was by my side for this special day!

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