Monday, April 9, 2012

A busy month

Wow, I have to say the last month has been super busy! Unfortunately that meant that the blog was the last thing on my mind. Let me see, in the past month we celebrated St. Patrick's Day in Baltimore, first with a parade where Mama Rogers was one of the Marshals and then spent a beautiful spring day enjoying the pubs of Baltimore on the 17th. We finally got the chance to visit our friends Chris and Melanie to meet their new little baby boy Landon, check out her blog by clicking here. We had a few visitors, first our friend Kelly from Delaware for a night and then Ty's sister Aimee for five days. With Aimee, we got to see some sights in Baltimore with her, and Ty spent the day in DC with her before she left to visit some friends. 

Other than all of that, I have been busy with work and school. Working some late night and weekend events to learn some new roles in the office. And trying to wrap up the last few semesters of graduate school, where I just got invited to be a part of the Public Administration honor society. Tyler has been busy with work and of course lacrosse season has started. The team has started off a little rocky with an 0-3 record, but Ty has been very happy with the hard work the boys are putting in.

This past week, Tyler had off for spring break, and I got to take off on Friday so we could head to Camden Yards for opening day of the Baltimore Orioles baseball season. Some pictures from the day are below. It was a beautiful day at the Yard, and the city is so energized by the Birds. The team has started 3-0 and sit atop the American League East. Hoping it keeps going.

We are looking forward to the big renovation that starts tomorrow. We will keep you all updated on that as it goes on. It's exciting and overwhelming at the same time to think about all of the work that is going to be going on in the house over the next week or two. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, Passover or whatever else you may have celebrated! Check back soon for some updates on the house!

Me, my friend Jade and my Mom at a bar in Baltimore before heading to the stadium

Tyler and me out at the bar. Ty with his Camden Yards commemorative Natty Boh

Ready for opening day!

The field. Ready for it's 20th season!

The Orange Carpet, for the introductions of the 2012 Orioles

Brady Anderson is back with the Birds! A former All-Star player, now a part of the coaching staff

The Oriole Bird. Best mascot in the MLB

The teams. Baltimore Orioles played the Minnesota Twins for Opening Day.

The commemorative War of 1812 flag for the Star Spangled Banner.

A helicopter fly over before the game started. Never seen that before.

Another former Orioles All-Star, Chris Hoiles threw out the first pitch. He was there for the first pitch when Camden Yards opened 20 years ago.

The starting defense for the O's

First pitch, and it was a strike!

My mom and I found Mr. Boh, the unofficial mascot of the City of Baltimore

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  1. Love the post! We were so happy that you and Tyler could meet Landon. I hope we can get together soon.
    Also, thanks for the shout out! :)