Friday, April 13, 2012

Renovation Days 2 and 3

There hasn't been a lot of noticeable progress in the last two days. Understanding from the previous post that it wasn't going to be easy to frame the windows, we can begin understanding why it is taking several days just for that project. The guys told me it would be complete today which would be just in time for the blind company to come and measure and start building our custom blinds!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, the deck is gone and ready for the roofers to come and check things out which should be today. As soon as that is done, the new deck can be put on.

Here are some new pictures from the past two days!

The bedroom windows with the curtains down, blinds thrown out and all of the framing ripped out. Ready to start figuring out the puzzle of putting these back together correctly. This picture even shows how the window in the middle was put in crooked.

Oliver enjoying the newly built window box. Glad they got the bottom section on because I was afraid he was going to try and jump up there with nothing to land on! I think he approves of the work!

What's left of the deck

And the roof underneath that they are checking out today. Then the door comes out and the flashing and roof will get fixed so there will be no more rain inside the house!

Can't wait to see how everything today goes. This is day four of the project, and it looks as though we may be a little behind schedule. The thought was this would be a 4-5 day project, and after day four we have a lot of things that still need to be started. Might be another week or so until they finish. As long as it is done and done right, they can stay as long as they want!

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