Thursday, April 19, 2012

What day of the renovation are we in now?!

I feel like the work crew is at my house more than I am! Well the windows were apparently quite the project as they just were completed yesterday! They look so much better though. All painted and trimmed, no more cracks and cold or hot air coming in from the outside. So exciting! Here they are... (sorry it's really hard to see in the pictures, however Oliver approves)

This past weekend we had a blinds company come out and measure for blinds. We have to get custom since all of the windows are weird sizes and they are custom. They will be awesome though, and exactly what we choose! We are doing brown wooden blinds in the windows above, the master bedroom, and then cafe style white shutters in the windows in the living room. They have to measure one more time to make them perfect, and then they will be made and finally installed on May 9th! So excited!

Along with all of the window work, the crew has also finished the deck (pictures to be added soon), and done lots of painting and drywall work. The front door gets fixed on Monday and then the tile backsplash gets placed next week as well. It looks like we are hitting the home stretch here with maybe just one more week of work. Can't wait to enjoy it everyday!

And here is one more picture of Mr. Oliver enjoying the window and his new "seats" that I gave him so he doesn't tear up the new paint! Glad to see the boys are enjoying the renovations as much as we are!

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  1. Everything is coming along so nicely! I'm so excited for you guys!! I can't wait to see more photos. :)