Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Renovation Day 1

Well, it has started! Yesterday at 7:30am, the guys got to the house to start the work. I did one last walk through with them to make sure that everyone was on the same page before I left for work and left the crew to start tearing apart the house. And that is partially what happened on day one.

One of the big issues we had was with our windows. Our home was originally built in 1900, and along with the charm comes some antiquated construction. The window sockets (for lack of a better term) are cut for window sizes from the early 1900s, not what windows are today. So, what one can do when putting new windows into a home like this, they can either get all custom windows or trim the socket to fit a standard size window. Well, the people who rehabbed the house did neither. Placing standard windows into place meant we had windows that were crooked and window sills that were literally collapsing. Last night I came home to this:

It's kinda hard to see, but that is our old window with all of the framing pulled out. You can see the brick which is kinda neat, but the crew could also see the problems. When talking with the construction guys, they told me that the wrong materials were used and everything was just framed wrong. Today they are going to rip everything out for the rest of the windows and start framing them correctly. Thankfully we can keep our old windows (which really aren't that old), and they will be able to insulate and frame the windows properly!

The other thing that they started on yesterday was fixing all the drywall issues we had, and fixing up the paint. We had two roof issues, well really the rehabbers never finished the roof, so that meant during an ice storm the water started coming in and then again during a hurricane. And once it started, it never stopped. One roof was fixed and another section of roof is being repaired with this project, but the damage inside had already been done. We also had an air conditioning problem that caused condensation and ruined dry wall as well. Here is one patch:

This one was from the A/C, and I so lovingly called it my wanna be skylight, well the skylight is all gone! This was among several ceiling fixes that took place yesterday.

Well, I can't wait to see what took place today while we were at work! When I left this morning, the deck was coming down. So sad, but a new one will be put in its place! Check back tomorrow for an update!

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