Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Cards

Another checkmark on the Christmas to-do list last night... Christmas cards written out, stamped, stuffed and placed in the mailbox! We can't wait until everyone gets them so we can share some photos from our annual family photo shoot! And if you are keeping the whole Martin family Christmas card collection, we are up to card number four.

This year we sent cards to friends and family in eight different states, and sent cards to as many people with the last name Barnes as we did Martin. We sent the most cards to people in Maryland, with Washington and Massachusetts coming in with a tie for second.

Anyway... we hope everyone loves them, I know I did! I had to make 8 different choices for Tyler to help me choose from, and amazingly we both had the same favorite.

And we have absolutely loved all of the cards we have received so far from our family and friends. It makes opening the mailbox not so scary... oh right the credit card bills from holiday shopping don't come until next month when the Christmas cards stop. Hmmm something to think about...

Well Happy Friday!

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