Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Holiday Treat

Every year my office has a potluck holiday party. For some this may be an annoyance, but I find it to be a time when I can be creative and bake or cook, which I love to do. In the past I have taken Pillsbury crescent rolls and made them into a wreath and a Christmas tree with veggie dip on top. Both turned out great and were a big hit. This year I went with a dessert, and it turned out pretty good, so I wanted to share! 

It's a Santa hat brownie bite!!

So these were really simple. I took one box of my favorite brownie mix. Made it in a bite-size muffin pan. Then took them out and let them cool. Once cool I used some white icing to secure a strawberry on the brownie bite, I had cut the top off of the strawberry to make it flat. Finally, I piped some white icing around the bottom of the strawberry and placed a dot on top.

They were super simple, and I think that they turned out super cute too! Tyler was my taste-tester and said that they were delicious. We will see how everyone likes them tomorrow!

One box of brownie mix made 2 dozen brownie bites.

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