Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very Merry Ravens Christmas Eve

This afternoon we got the chance to go to the Ravens/Browns game, what a great Christmas present!! And to make it even better, Tyler knows someone that was able to get us on the field during warmups! It was so cool to see the players up close, they were huge! Here are some photos from our day!

The passes that got us on the field. Too bad we didn't get to keep them though. That would have been a super cool souvenir.

Walking down the tunnel... so excited!

We can see our seats from the field... way up at the top. And let me tell you, it was super cold up there today.

The offense during warmups

Joe Flacco our QB... Wacco for Flacco!

And then the defense came out to warmup.

And the best part of the entire day, Terrell Suggs gave us a fist pump! Amazing!

Ray Lewis firing the team up

We got to stay on the field for only 20 minutes and then they made us leave. But we had just enough time to get a picture before we left. What an awesome experience. Thanks to Mama Rogers for the tickets and thanks to Tyler's co-worker for getting us the passes onto the field.

We hope that everyone is having a great Christmas Eve, however you may be spending it. Love to all of our family and friends for making this Christmas season so wonderful so far. We will be spending tomorrow just the two of us (and the pups) in the morning, before heading to my parents house for dinner and family time. Then we have the entire week off together. Looking forward to relaxing for the week.

And the Ravens win was a great way to start the Christmas weekend. We have clinched a spot in the playoffs, and are one step closer to winning our division!

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