Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

My favorite holiday is finally here! It's Christmas time! So it has taken me longer than usual to get in the Christmas spirit, the weather in Baltimore has been insane. Sixty degree temps in December, I simply cannot take it! It is finally in the fiftys which is a bit better for this winter loving gal, but I think that my hopes and dreams of a white Christmas have been shot. Anywho... I guess that the warm weather was a blessing in disguise as Tyler and I went to chop down a Christmas tree. This is not a fun task when it is freezing out, however, I was not in the mood for the hot apple cider this year as in years past. We got a beauty though!

 We went to the same tree farm we go to every year, and tried to find a Douglass Fir, which is what we get every year, but changed it up and got a Fraiser Fir instead. Tyler graciously cut the tree while I snapped pictures!

Here is the nine feet of glourious tree in our living room! I love having high ceilings!

 And here she is with all of the lights and ornaments! We had lots of new ornaments this year after all of our travels this summer, so it was fun to think about all of our trips! For those of you who don't know, Ty and I get an ornament from each place we visit as a souvenir.

And no presents under the tree yet, but a silly little Corgi who thinks that the tree skirt is his new dog bed.

We hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far, and we cannot wait to spend some time with our family and friends in the next few weeks celebrating!


  1. I love this! Your tree is beautiful!
    Where do you guys go to cut down your tree?
    We got a Douglass Fir this year (per our usual tradition), but next year we're going to try a Fraiser Fir, because I heard their branches are stronger!

  2. We went to Pine Valley Tree Farm in Westminster, we've been going there since we started getting a Christmas tree together, this is our sixth year now! And we LOVE the Fraiser fir even more than the Douglass. It holds the ornaments better, and I think it looks a lot more like a Christmas tree in its shape! They are all beautiful though!