Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh what a Baltimore Christmas

For those of you who may not know (and I don't know how), I love Baltimore. I love everything about it, and I love to show my Baltimore pride whenever possible. So today, I was walking during lunch with a co-worker, and she decided she wanted to stop in the Natty Boh store to look for a Christmas gift for her Dad. (For those outside of Baltimore that may not know, Natty Boh is a beer company, whose mascot has become the unofficial mascot of Baltimore). Well, while in the store, I found Natty Boh dog collars. I am not one for shopping for my pets for Christmas, those little beasts get spoiled enough every day of the year, but I had to have these and show my Baltimore pride just a little bit more. So really, I guess more of a gift for myself anyways because my dogs hate wearing collars. But aren't they awesome?!

 Purple for Oliver and red for Jack

And just when I thought my shopping (for myself) was complete, I walk into a furniture/nick-knack store looking for a gift for a friend, and what do I see staring at me at the register but this:

 Didn't even care what the price was, I had to have it. Oh I should mention for those who may not know, Tyler and I live in a neighborhood of Baltimore called Pigtown. It's a little known neighborhood of Baltimore that is growing in popularity, and we love it!
So, Merry Christmas to me! Now I just need to find the right place to hang it in the house... stay tuned!

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