Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Reindeer Cookies

So I saw these little cuties on a website and decided that I would make them for a holiday cookie exchange in my office. While adorable, they were not the easiest thing to make. So I am providing the directions below, but you have been warned!

First, pick your favorite kind of cookies to make. I chose peanut butter for mine, and used the recipe off of the back of the Jif peanut butter. After mixing the batter I rolled the dough into one inch balls and then flattened them between my plams and finally pinched part of the cookie to shape the nose. Baked these bad boys for 7 1/2 minutes and pulled them out of the oven.

As soon as they came out, I had to work quick to put the "facial features" on. Chocolate covered pretzels for the antlers, mini chocolate chips for eyes, and an M & M for the nose. This was the tricky part. Since the cookie and pan were hot, the chocolate melted quickly and made quite the mess. I had originally thought this would be a great project with kids, but DO NOT do that. It was hot and messy. So I finally got everything in place and put them on the rack to cool. The second batch did go a little better.

So then when they finally cooled, and the chocolate set, I went to put them in a cookie jar, but when I stacked them, the antlers kept getting knocked off. Ahhhh!

Good luck to anyone that wants to try them. They are super cute, but you have been warned. Oh and I used regular sized chocolate pretzels, but maybe try to find mini ones if you can. They might be easier! Happy baking!

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